Weekly Passages
by Pastor Keith Bunn

What is your priority each day… survival, making it through another day? Or making a change and looking for ways to improve your relationships especially with God. That is our challenge as we journey towards Easter. Don’t go with the status quo. That’s why traditionally the season of Lent is marked by fasting, where you change some habit in your life to focus on God not just your earthly desires.


We are going to be following Peter over the next few weeks to see how he was prepared for change both physical and spiritual. He may not have excelled but he was real in his attempts to change and follow Jesus. What can you learn?


Last week we looked at the incident when Jesus was walking on the water and Peter asked to join Him. There was a point of great excitement on Peter’s part as he did walk on the water and then he was distracted by the storm that was raging all around him. Our challenge as we journey towards Easter is to not get distracted by the storms of life loose our focus on Jesus each day.


Today we are looking about what’s important in a relationship with Jesus. Peter was asked the question: ‘Who is Jesus?’


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